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Great Service

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    Welcome to our website...Always a great experience

    Home is Here! Welcome to Your Syncrude Cafe & Dashaway website brought to you by ESS. We are proud to be your  Food Services Management team and hope you find this website useful by providing the latest information , including menus, upcoming events and much more. We are always working to serve you better! At Syncrude we have a great mixture of the national branded concepts that offer the home made comfort foods you have come to expect over the years. Featuring Tim Horton's, Subway, Pizza 73, Grill & Co and our traditional Entree station.
    Please join us for a coffee or delicious meal, we look forward to serving you!


    Raylene Armsworthy 

    Operations Manager

    780-714-0703 raylene.armsworthy@compass-canada.com

    Ethel Boone

    Food Services Manager

    780-715-5300 ethel.boone@compass-canada.com

    Melissa Pynn

    Jr. Services Manager

    709-631-8716​ melissa.pynn@compass-canada.com